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Carrier Washer

Carrier Washer

Using a twin fluid spray cleaning method improves both the cleaning effect and the drying efficiency !
Carrier Washer


Carrier washer is a washing and drying machine for wafer carriers and carrier boxes.
It conducts washing by a high pressure shower and drying by means of centrifugal force and clean air (or N2).


Improved drying efficiency !

High-speed rotation is used to scatter moisture from the surface of workpieces through centrifugal force, while clean air is blown in through a filter for drying. (N2 specifications can also be used.)
The equipment realizes improvement in drying effects. By using a unique nozzle, the pressurized air blows away droplets which could not be scattered away with the centrifugal force alone.


Eco-specifications that consider running costs

Since fine particles are sprayed, this machines consumes a third of the amount of deionized water compared to conventional machines(our company’s comparison).
This eco design considers both the equipment price and running costs.



Target workpieces Carrier × 2  Carrier box × 2
Dimensions [For 6-inch carriers]  W950×D1340×H1200(H2020 when lid is open)(mm)
Material [Main unit]PVC TSP-333(Ivory) [Rotor]SUS304
Cycle time 15min / cycle ※Also varies based on the carrier shape
Revolution 10~600min-¹   Possible 6-speed settings
Timer  0 ~ 999 sec
Recipes 10types


Power source AC200V±10% 50/60Hz 30A
Pneumatic air Pressure: 0.5MPa or greater Consumption: 30L/min (ANR)
Drying air Clean air Pressure: 0.3MPa or greater Consumption: 450L/min (ANR)
Deionized water Pressure: 0.2Mpa or greater Deionized water consumption: 12L/min
Exhaust outlet VP50, one location (from the chamber) (exhaust volume: 8M3/min)
Drainage outlet VP40, one location (from the chamber)


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