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Myself-1 FABⅡ

Full Auto Balancer

Myself-1 FABⅡ

Only 1 minutes for balance control!
Capable of process automation


Attached to a variety of grinding machines or rotating equipment, Myself-1 FABⅡ quickly measures the vibration and perform the automatic dynamic balancing.
By connecting the interface to a machine tool, the whole process can be automated.

Case introduction of grinding machine

  • Cylindrical grinding machine
  • Cam grinding machine
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Centerless grinding machine
  • Thread grinding machine
  • Roll grinding machine

Process Flow of Balance Adjustment


Quick and Accurate Balance Correction

High-performance CPU saves 40% of the measuring time(compared to our conventional products), which improves efficiency of a grinding machine.
Controlling accuracy for balancing weights has improved by 10 times(compared to our conventional products), which would improve the roughness of processing surfaces and the lifetime of grinding wheels.
Controls balancing weights by absolute angle. No need to make adjustments.
The pre-balancing function makes it possible to automatically balance a grinding wheel with big initial unbalance.

Gap Monitor

The unique gap monitor checks or monitors the distance (gap) from the controller to the balancing head .

One touch operation

Easy to Use with One Touch Operation
Easy to perform the high-precision dynamic balancing with a minimal amount of operation. Does not require technical experience.
Also, if you connect to a CNC machine, you can execute balance adjustment and confirm the completion of balance adjustment from the operation panel of the CNC machine.

Customization according to the communication specifications of each machine tool is possible

The auto balancer FABⅡ has standard communication specifications, but if it is difficult to connect to the machine tool to be installed with the standard specifications,we can customize the communication specifications according to each machine tool.
We can respond flexibly according to the customer's request.

Balancing head suitable for each rotating body can be selected

We have a lineup of more than 15 types of balancing heads so that we can handle different operating rotation speeds and correction amounts depending on the application.
We will propose an appropriate balancing head based on information such as the outer diameter and thickness of the rotating body such as the grinding wheel used.

Accurate support backed by achievements

Based on the knowledge and know-how gained from the sales record of more than 4,000 units, we will support the solution of customers' problems from installation to machine tools to mass production.
If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.Based on our know-how, we will propose the most suitable solution for our customers.

Example of Installation

①Acceleration sensor
It is a sensor that measures the vibration state.
More accurate balance adjustment can be achieved by installing it in a place where the vibration of the grindstone is easily transmitted, such as the bearing, and near the rotating body to be balanced.
②Balancing head
A weight for balance adjustment is built in the head, and it is a device that adjusts the balance by moving the weight to the position where the imbalance is canceled.
It is recommended to install it on the rotating body side that is the target of balance adjustment,but if the rotating body side cannot be installed due to space or structure, it is possible to adjust the balance by installing it on the pulley side.
③Power supply head
It is a unit that supplies power to the rotating balancing head in a non-contact manner.
It is fixedly installed at a position of 2.0 mm ± 0.5 mm from the balancing head.
You can check the gap between the heads on the gap monitor.
It is a device that calculates the data required for balance adjustment from the measured vibration information.Install it in a position where the display is easy to see and key operations are easy.


FAB controller
Range of measurable vibration level 10 to 250 Hz
Range of measurable displacement 0.01 to 500 µm(P-P)
Channel 1 ch
Display 3.5-inch TFT color LCD
Displays values, procedures, or error codes.

W198×D165×H75 mm

Weight: About 1.5 kg
Usage conditions

Usage temperature: 0 to 65°C

Usage humidity: 85%RH

Power source DC 24 V
Communication I/O port
Balancing head

7,000min⁻¹ at maximum
 Correction amount : 1,000 g·mm

Correction amount
50,000g·mm at maximum
min⁻¹: 2,000 min⁻¹

2.0±0.5 mm (MAX3 mm)

Usage conditions Usage temperature: 0 to 65°C

International Protection:Equivalent to IP67
Power feeding head Power feeding method Non-contact power feed by the electromagnetic induction
International Protection Equivalent to IP67
FAB-HSZ series
Type of head Correction amount Model Maximum min⁻¹
~ 1,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ01SP 7,000 min⁻¹
~ 3,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ03SP 5,000 min⁻¹
~ 5,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ05SP 5,000 min⁻¹
~ 7,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ07SP 3,600 min⁻¹
~ 10,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ10SP 3,600 min⁻¹
~ 12,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ12SP 3,600 min⁻¹
~ 14,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ14SP 3,600 min⁻¹
~ 16,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ16SP 3,600 min⁻¹
~ 18,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HSZ18SP 3,600 min⁻¹
~ 20,000 g‐㎜FAB-HSZ20SP 3,600 min⁻¹
Power feeding head Type-D
Dimensions of head ファイバセンサ

a φ120

b φ140

c 69

d φ126

e 33

f φ21.6

FAB-HMZ series
Type of head Correction amount Model Maximum min⁻¹
~ 25,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HMZ25SP 2,500 min⁻¹
~ 30,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HMZ30SP 2,500 min⁻¹
~ 35,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HMZ35SP 2,000 min⁻¹
~ 40,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HMZ40SP 2,000 min⁻¹
~ 45,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HMZ45SP 2,000 min⁻¹
~ 50,000 g‐㎜ FAB-HMZ50SP 2,000 min⁻¹
Power feeding head Type-D
Dimensions of head ファイバセンサ

a φ191

b φ210

c 70

d φ126

e 33

f φ21.6

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