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BG Tape Laminator

Full-Auto BG Tape Laminator

“The New” Tension Control For Back Grinding !!
FABG Tape Laminator


It is an automatic equipment capable of circumference cutting after paste the back grinding tape for surface protection under tension control. We have adopted our own roller structure for pasting, pasting in a state with almost no tension to the tape has been realized, it is effective in reducing warping of thin wafers after surface grinding.


Low tension laminating

By adopting our own pasting rollers, we realize sticking with low tension.Reduce warp / damage trouble after back grinding.

High precision circumference cut

Without sticking out of from the outer periphery of the wafer, It reduce the trouble in the Back Grind process.


Supports high bump tape

It corresponds to high bump tape which is essential item of WL-CSP process.

Warpage after back grinding

BG tape model No BG thickness Wafer No,   
SB-135S-BN-R2 ① 100 µm 1 0.9 2.0 0
2 1.0 2.0 0
② 50 µm 3 3.6 7.0 0.5
4 3.8 8.0 0.5
① 100 µm 5 1.0 2.0 0
6 1.1 2.0 0
② 50 µm 7 4.1 8.0 0.5
8 4.0 8.0 0.5


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