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Tape Remover

Tape Remover Outline

Tape Removers remove protection films such as back grinding tapes attached on a wafer or a substrate by using peeling tapes.

Tape Remover

  • Manual Type

    This manual tape remover is a device used for the manual removal of protection films attached to wafers and printed circuit boards.

    Work pieces suitable Wafer and PCB with tapes
    Wafer size 8inchタイプ :2~8 inch
    12inchタイプ :2~12 inch
    Dimensions 8inch Type :W500 × D810 × H430(㎜)
    12inch Type:W650 × D980 × H430(㎜)
    Weight 8inch Type :Approx. 30 ㎏
    12inch Type:Approx. 70 ㎏
    Type Manual
  • Semi Automatic Type

    This device semiautomatically removes protection tape like BG tape from wafer/substrate.

    Work pieces suitable Wafer and PCB with tapes
    Wafer size 6inch・8inch / 8inch・12inch
    Dimensions W680 × D910 × H850(㎜)
    Weight Approx. 70 kg ~ 80 kg
    Type Semi Automatic
  • Ultrasonic Tape

    This is a Full auto tape remover with a UV irradiation system (scanning system) for removing protection tapes attached to dicing rings and wafers.

    Work pieces suitable 6、8inch Wafer / 8inch Dicing frame
    Wafer size 5inch Type :4、5inch
    8inch Type :6、8inch
    Dimensions 5inch Type :W2670 × D1080 × H1800(㎜)
    8inch Type :W2900 × D1300 × H1800(㎜)
    Weight 5inch Type :Approx. 1500 ㎏
    8inch Type :Approx. 1800 ㎏
    Type Fully Automatic / Semi Automatic
  • Fully Automatic Type

    Full auto tape remover is a device for peeling off protective film applied to wafers.

    Work pieces suitable Wafer with BG tape and other protective films
    Dimensions W2200 × D1150 × H1800(㎜)
    Type Fully Automatic


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