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Spin Dryer

Spin Dryer Outline

The Spin Dryer is a device in which water drops and moisture on a wafer can be dried using a mechanism of centrifugal force caused by spinning and an action of the suction of air current.
It is possible to dry even fine and thin pieces of wafer cleanly and safely by using Ohmiya Industries' balancing technique and air current control which maximize the efficiency of drying work pieces.

We have integrated production from design to electric control.
We have a quality control system with the facility equipped with a clean room.
You can customize Spin Dryers by adding various options such as Automatic Balancing Device.

Horizon TYPE Spin Dryer is designed to dry two or four (or one)wafer carriers simultaneously.
With a Ulpa filter installed in the upper Lid, clean air is constantly introduced to the inside of the SRD to keep the chamber clean.
If you add Optional D.I rinsing function, You can use as Spin rinse dryer, The Spin Rinse Dryer is suitable for rinsing and drying of silicon wafers or substrates 2"up to 12".


  • Automatic balancing system

  • Sliding cover

    Easy to be integrated SPIN RINSE DRYER into Full automatic Wet Bench systems.
  • Heater for High throughput


Spin Dryer

  • Horizon-type

    Stand-alone Spin Dryer with various lineups (wafer centrifugal dryer)

    Work pieces suitable 2-12 inch
    Dimensions 6inch Type :W750 × D1450 × H1150(1730)(㎜)
    8inch Type :W850 × D1530 × H1150(1830)(㎜)
    12inch Type:W1050 × D1780 × H1165(2030)(㎜)
    Weight 6inch Type : Approx. 550 ㎏
    8inch Type : Approx. 600 ㎏
    12inch Type:Approx. 800 ㎏
    Type Horizon downflow type
  • Virtical-type

    Desktop Spin Dryer (wafer centrifugal dryer) best for low-volume production and development purpose.

    Work pieces suitable 6inch Type :2-6 inch
    8inch Type :2-8 inch
    Dimensions 6inch Type :W430 × D839 × H1600(㎜)
    ※stand alone
    8inch Type :W513 × D903 × H1585(㎜)
    ※stand alone
    Weight 6inch Type : Approx. 160 ㎏
    8inch Type : Approx. 180 ㎏
    Type Virtical-type


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