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AE sensor System


The touch sensor system quickly detects the machining starting point with submicron precision.


This is a high-precision touch detection system. With AE sensor technology, it quickly detects the touch of a workpiece or a dressing tool while in the submicron processing or high-precision processing of a grinding machine or a machining center.
The information will be sent to a machine tool by signal output or to an operator by vibration and lighting.
Does not require technical experience.

What is AE?

AE stands for Acoustic Emission and means the phenomenon of radiation of elastic waves in solids when deformation or collapse occurs.
The large AE would occur when a grinding wheel contacts a workpiece while a grinding machine is in operation.
AE sensor Systems 'MyTENTA-1' and 'MyTENTA-1 PB' detect the machining starting point of high-precision processing by detecting AE wave with high sensitivity, utilizing the noise filter and signal processing.


Easy operation

Easy button operation for sensitivity adjustment or threshold setting
Requires only a minimal amount of operation for the touch detection.

High performance

Accurately detects the machining starting point by touch detection in submicron processing.

Accuracy of detecting contact position: ±0.1 µm

Cutting amount of contact position: 0.5 µm or less

Accuracy test conditions

  • Wet processing with surface grinding machine
  • Grinding wheel: Diamond wheel #150
  • Rotation speed: 2000 min-¹
  • Feed rate: 0.1 µm
  • Feeding: Manual
  • Material of workpiece: SS400

Purpose of use

Block-type AE sensor


Attached to a NC machine tool

Attached to a general-purpose machine tool

Block-type Contactless-type

※An antenna of PB is excluded.

Model MT-AE
Number of channel 1ch
Dimensions W200mm×D229mm×H64mm
Weight Approximately 2.0 kg
Power source AC100V(50/60Hz)
Current consumption 10W
AE sensor Dimensions W20mm×D32mm×H20mm Detection part:Φ25 mm×H14.5 mm
Amplifier:Φ25 mm×H23 mm
Weight Approx. 80 g Detection part:Approx.40 g
Amplifier:Approx.80 g
Cable length 5m
Vibration Notification Unit
(For PB-V)

Fixing band is excluded.

Response speed 60ms
Communication range Line-of-sight distance: 5 m
Battery life Approximately 80 h
Dimensions W55mm×D40mm×H20mm
Weight Approximately 40 g
Light Notification Unit
(For PB-V)
Dimensions φ24 t=15
Fixing method Magnet
Weight Approximately 12 g
Cable length 3m

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