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Grade Tester

Automatic grade testing of high precision


OKK's Grade Tester is developed to solve issues such as a variation in test results, caused by manually turning a handle with individual differences in operation speed or strength.
Only need to make settings of test conditions to perform the loading and testing.
Contributes to simplified operation and improved quality control.


Grade testing based on JIS Standards

With this automatic testing device based on JISR6240 of Japan Industrial Standards, you can make various settings such as the measurement bit rotation speed, the load, or other items, which makes it outstandingly high- precision than other devices in the market.

The automatic operation will conduct the testing based on standards or conditions without individual variation.


Easy to operate for anyone

All you need to do is place a grinding wheel on the workpiece table and press the switch.

The measurement frequency of the measurement bit will be displayed. If it exceeds a set value, an alarm will be issued.

Easy to replace measurement bit

No need to use a tool to replace the measurement bit, as it is installed by use of a keyless chuck. Needs replacement after using for a specified number of times.

※Measurement bits are for sale.

A variety of functions

Handy functions useful on site

・Data output of measurement results
・Setting of bit use frequency(Alarm display
・Graph of the bit penetration depth change
 (Display range can be changed)

Various test conditions can be set.

Various conditions can be set.
You can check quality on the same standard, as the conditions will be set as numeric values and not decided by intuition.

・Bit rotation (Rotation speed)
・Alarm of the bit use frequency


Measurement specifications
Conforms to Ogoshi-type grade testing JIS R6240

Load range: Automatic shift within a range from 10 to 80 kgf
(Eight steps of load can be set by 10 kgf)
Loading method: Gravity load by use of load weight
Load accuracy: ±500 gf


Model :OGT-002T

Easy operation of inputting test conditions and workpiece information, setting a workpiece on the workpiece table, and pushing the button.

Applicable to grinding wheels of various sizes of diameter or thickness.

Model :OGT-003T

With the installed conveyor roller, you can move a grinding wheel on the workpiece table as you like. The roller helps you move or rotate a heavy grinding wheel to the measurement position even with a weak force.

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