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Myself-1 typeTⅡ

Field Balancer
Programed Auto Balancer

Myself-1 typeTⅡ

Dynamic balancing with easy operation supports on-site work.

9 hour continuous operation as the longest in the industry!
Long-hour use with mobile battery! Newly Updated!new


Myself-1 typeTⅡ performs quick and accurate balancing (balance correction/balance adjustment) . The field balancer is easy to use for anyone and does not require technical experience.

Performs high-precision balance correction of rotating equipment such as pump, blower, impeller like fan, grinding wheel, shaft, or spindle.
You will be supported or navigated by the interactive interface with icon display and a variety of supportive functions. It will be easy balance correction for a first-time user.


What is Field Balancer?

Field Balancer performs field balancing.
Measures unbalance by dynamic balancing on site for a variety of rotating equipment.

Detects unbalance while machine is rotating with workpiece assembled.
Unbalance including the fit tolerance from the assembly can be adjusted all together, which suppresses the vibration of the machine.

Dynamic balancing
Detects the weight and position of unbalance from the vibration synchronized with rotation frequency.


Easy to operate for anyone

Improved usability with 2 types of operation of touch panel and key switches.
Interactive interface with icon display.
Automatic operation starting to measure vibration when reaching at a set rotation speed.

Supportive functions for balancing

Vibration monitoring function (Displacement, speed, acceleration, simple FFT)
Visually checking of balancing locations
Creates measurement results report as output from connected PC. (Option)

Selectable power source type to fit the usage environment

Newly lined up is DC5V power supply of mobile battery in addition to AC power supply. You can select a type of power source which fits your usage environment. No need of external power source with the battery, and you can use even for long hours with multiple batteries fully charged. Battery included in the package is for continuous operation of 9 hours or more.
※Model of DC5V is compatible with AC adapter (Input: AC100 to 240V) and can be supplied from AC outlet as well.

Selectable power source type to fit the usage environment

Example of installation

Single-plane balancing for rotor

Attach the vibration sensor at one location of the bearing unit to measure the vibration.
Balance is corrected on one side of the rotor.

Dual-plane balancing for rotor

Attach the vibration sensor at two locations of the bearing unit to measure the vibration.
Balance is corrected on both sides of the rotor.

Balancing for grinding wheel

Attach the vibration sensor to the bearing unit to measure the vibration.
Balance will be corrected with balancing weights at the movable grinding wheel flange.


AC powered Battery powered
Main unit Model Myself-1 typeTⅡ Myself-1 typeTⅡ-MB
Dimensions W198㎜×D165㎜×H75㎜(Projecting parts excluded)
Weight 1650 g
Power source (standard)

Power source (Battery)
AC85~264V 50/60Hz DC5V(※1
Power consumption 10W
Continuous use time 9 hours (*2)
Display method 3.5-inch TFT color LCD
Operation method Interactive operation via displayed icons
Range of measurable displacement 0.001 to 999.99 µm (P-P)
Range of measurable rotation speed 180 to 60,000 min-¹ (3 to 1,000 Hz )
Resolution ±0.001µm
Number of channels 2ch
Interface Special serial I/O port
Serial USB port
USB memory port
Vibration sensor Dimensions Dia27㎜×H30㎜
Weight 100g
Usage temperature -20~+80°C
Rotation sensor Fiber unit Detection method Reflective type(high-resolution)
Detection distance 5 to 20 mm (if used with the reflective sticker supplied with the sensor)
Minimum bend radius R25㎜
Ambient temperature/humidity -40 to +70°C/35 to 85%RH
No dew condensation or icing allowed.
Rotation sensor
Amplifier unit
Type High-speed sensing
Supply voltage 12VDC±10%
Current consumption 55 mmA or less
Response time 15 µs or less when light is received
35 µs or less when light is interrupted
Ambient temperature/humidity -10 to +50°C / 35 to 85% RH
No dew condensation or icing allowed.

*1 AC adapter>> Input: AC100 to 240V(50/60Hz) Output: DC5V

*2 When a fully charged mobile battery is connected. (Included in the package)

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