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UV Curing System

UV Curing System Outline

UV Curing Systems emit UV radiation to and cure UV curing tapes/films. Used to peel off protection tapes in the back grinding process or the dicing process.

Select between the two modes, which are the accumulated radiation dose mode and the radiation time mode.

A wide variety of lineups---LED lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, and black light lamp models for full automatic, black light model for manual. Select one according to your requirements.

A full automatic model equipped with UV-LED is newly lined up, which can reduce running costs and also is environment-friendly.

UV Curing System

  • Manual

    Black light model Type

    The manual UV curing system of a black light feature is a manual curing system which cures UV-curable tape glues and adhesives.

    Work pieces suitable 6inch / 8inch / 12inch
    Frame size 6inch Dicing frame×2
    8inch Dicing frame×1
    12inch Dicing frame×1
    (*Unable to irradiate the entire area of 12inch.)
    Dimensions W520 × D550 × H200(㎜)
    Weight Approx. 30 kg
    Type Manual  (black-light lamp)
  • Fully Automatic

    High pressure marcury Type

    Use a lamp with high power emission.

    Work pieces suitable 6、8inch Dicing frame  
    Dimensions 8inch Type :W1300 × D1100 × H1650(㎜)
    Weight 8inch Typ :Approx. 550 kg
    Type Manual (high-pressure mercury lamp)
  • Fully Automatic

    Black light model Type

    This is a fully automatic UV curing system which unloads a wafer frame fed by a cassette, irradiates it with UV rays and then houses it automatically.

    Work pieces suitable 6、8inch or 8、12inch
    Dimensions 8inch Typ :W660 × D1030 × H1160(㎜)
    12inch Typ:W1050 × D1100 × H1200(㎜)
    Weight 8inch Typ :Approx. 200 kg
    12inch Typ:Approx. 200 kg
    Type Manual (black-light lamp)


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