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Wafer Mounter

Wafer Mounter Outline

Wafer Mounters have 2 functions of laminating tapes onto a workpiece and mounting tapes to a dicing frame with various workpieces (Film mounter and wafer mounter)

Point 1
  • Dicing Tape
  • Back grinding (BG) Tape
  • Die attach film (DAF) Photosensitive film for printed wiring board (DF as Dry Film)
  • Functional films such as DFR (Dry film resist)
Point 1
  • ■Manual model: Manual operation of attaching or cutting tapes
  • ■Semiautomatic model: After setting wafers and workpieces, push buttons to perform the tape laminating or mounting operation.
  • ■Full automatic model: After setting cassettes, tapes are attached automatically and workpieces will be transferred to the unloader.
  • ■Inline model: Operates as a set with a machine connected in communication and transfer system.

Choose one for your purpose.

Point 1

【For Dicing tape mount】

To prevent chips from scattering in the wafer dicing process, it holds a wafer by attaching a tape onto a dicing frame (dicing ring, ring frame, ring) . This device can be called Wafer Mounter, Film Mounter, or Tape Mounter.
Good performance of positioning, air bubbles, or tape tension will realize smooth operation of tape cutting, tape expansion, or tape removal in the dicing or expanding processes.

Tape Mounters (Wafer Mounter) with high-temperature heater are lined up, which are applicable to Die Attachment Film (DAF) as an integrated model of dicing tape and die bond film. (Applicable to DAF)

【For BG tape laminate】

Attaches Back Grinding (BG) Tape to a workpiece such as wafers to protect its surface, in the back grinding process to thin workpieces.

Point 1
  • Multiple-use model for different sizes, Dual-use as Wafer Mounter and Tape Laminator for BG tape
  • Mounting Table Heater/Temperature control function
  • Table replacement
  • Customized table (For wafer, substrate, MEMS, glass, or sapphire)
  • Universal table, porous table(Full face suction), non-contact pattern surface
  • Table height adjustment
  • Ionizer


  • Manual Type

    This is a manual wafer mounter in which various tapes (including dicing tape and BG tape) are attached to the frame and work pieces.

    Work pieces suitable 8-in wafer, 12-in wafer (Max),
    varied substrates
    Frame size ~8inch Wafer、12inch Flame(Max)
    Dimensions 8inch Type :W540 × D840 × H420(㎜)
    12inch Type :W650 × D980 × H430(㎜)
    Weight 8inch Type : Approx. 50 ㎏
    12inch Type : Approx. 70 ㎏
    Type Manual
  • Semi Automatic Type

    Semi Automatic wafer Mounter equipped with pre-cutting unit, with the laminating and the mounting functions.

    Work pieces suitable ~8inch / ~12inch
    Frame size 8inch Type:6inch-8inch Dicing frame
    12inch Type:8inch-12inchDicing Flame
    Dimensions 8inch Type:W600 × D1170 × H1130(㎜)
    12inch Type:W715 × D1330 × H1155(㎜)
    Weight 8inch Type:Approx. 260㎏
    12inch Type:Approx. 360㎏
    Type Semi Automatic
  • Wafer Vacuum Mounter

    Reduces variation in manual operation by including quantified parameters in recipes, and realizes tension-free and voidless tape mounting performance.

    Work pieces suitable ~8inch / ~12inch
    Frame size 8inch Type:6inch-8inch Dicing frame
    12inch Type:8inch-12inchDicing Flame
    Dimensions W500 × D770 × H1010(㎜) (with adjuster)
    W613 × D873 × H1035(㎜) (with adjuster)
    Weight 8inch Type:Approx. 110㎏
    12inch Type:Approx. 150㎏
    Type Vacuum_Manual
  • Semi Automatic Vacuum Mounter

    Semi-auto wafer Mounters, equipped with a OKK standard pre-cutting unit, Ensure high quality tape mounting performance under a vacuum.

    Work pieces suitable ~8inch
    Frame size 6inch / 8inch Dicing frame
    Dimensions W760 × D1200 × H1600(㎜)
    Weight Approx. 350 kg
    Type Vacuum_semiauto
  • Fully Automatic Type

    Automatically mounts a wafer on a dicing frame (Tape frame).

    Work pieces suitable ~8inch
    Frame size 6inch Dicing frame
    8inch Dicing frame
    Dimensions 8inch type :W1700 × D2000 × H1820(㎜)
    Weight Approx. 1400 kg
    Type Fully Automatic
  • Chip Transfer

    The Chip Transfer machine is a equipment that transfers the wafer mounted on the dicing frame to another frame by its original.

    Frame size 6inch Dicing frame
    Dimensions W1700 × D2000 × H1820(㎜)
    Weight Approx. 1400 kg


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